Welcome to my world

My first blog! To say I’m a little nervous about writing a blog post a day for 30 days seems really daunting, especially since I work retail and we are ramping up for Black Friday and Christmas. If you are game to read this, I am game to write this.

My blog will be about my health challenges with Rheumatoid Arthritis and the subsequent weight gain from not moving as much and eating my feelings and the medicines we take to help us move which inevitably caused the Type 2 Diabetes. Sigh…sounds depressing right? Ehh..I’m a glass half full kind of girl, so maybe we can inject some humor in here and along the way I can teach you something and you can teach me something.

I don’t really want to start this with I think my RA started as young as 11, but that is the beginning. I started having pain in my hips, knees, and thighs. About that time I also developed this icky blistering itchy rash on both of my feet. The podiatrist made me soak my feet in this stuff that turned them brown and then slather a steroid creme all over them. The old country doctor we loved said, “It’s just growing pains. Give her some Advil. She’ll be fine.” Luckily, I had some pain, but it didn’t seem to get worse.

I started to have major problems at 40. First, I got shingles right under my boobies. Yeah, try wearing a bra on shingles. Ouch! Ouch! OUCH! Then the joint pain started. I got so bad I could hardly bend and if I accidentally touched a knuckle on a table the pain would feel like I just hit my funny bone. Would bring a tear to my eyes! The thing that really set me on my path to a diagnosis  was when I could not open a bottle of water. Had to use pliers.

First stop was my primary care doctor. Hmmm..maybe you have carpal tunnel. Wear these braces. Then I had a CT scan because I was having lower quadrant pain that PCP thought was maybe pancreatitis. Alas, it was nothing…I scheduled an appointment with a very rude surgeon who asked me why I wasted his time. It was definitely muscoskeletal. I started having a reaction to percoset, so I called the on-call doctor who again was very rude reading my chart and said, ” I don’t know why you are on pain meds all I see is a little arthritis!” My AHA moment…now I knew who to see a rheumatologist !! Lucky for me I was  on a PPO insurance so I set up an appointment with the person who would finally diagnose me with something we could treat.

I was a size 8-10 when I started this journey. Needless to say I am now an 18-20. Acckkk! My fasting blood sugar was high when my rheumy drew blood about 3 years into this diagnosis and decided to send me to an endocrinologist. Yup! Pre- diabetic. The first year I was really good taking my meds and trying to eat right. Something in my mind switched to this is not fair and I let myself go. I am now a full blown Type 2 diabetic. Again, sigh… on the plus side I have found a young guy who really listened to me about my issues. I never forget my RA shots, but remembering to take my pills on a daily was not happening, so he laughed at me and asked if I could do a once weekly shot. I’m so happy. The shot for me is so much easier. It’s  literally my first week doing it and we shall see if this gets me where I need to be A1C wise.

This is my life. I’m very lucky I am still working my retail job which keeps me moving all day and gets me out of my house daily, otherwise I might just be the crazy cat lady you hear about that socializes with no one and stays holed up in her house. Oops! Yes, I have 7 cats, 1 dog, and 1 bird. Welcome to my crazy life! More to come tomorrow.


My process

fb_img_1478139271517I’m back for day 2. Today, I ran up and down ladders getting Christmas up in my store. Pshew! I’m tired. To answer WEGO Health’s question. I sit down write what I want to talk about and post. Yesterday’s first post, I tried to check it before posting, but missed a few glaring misspellings and can I say dang it autocorrect!! Oh well! I’ll look at it later and cringe So far, I’ve not done any facts about my diseases yet. I’m sure that is coming when I try and make a point. At this moment, I’m so tired that I’m glad this is short and sweet lol! Will be longer tomorrow. Oh and BTW, I’m typing these on my cellphone.  Who knew 20 years ago this would be possible!